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NSOF: Leaders Don’t Duck Debates

Professor Pensler rejects invitation to multiple debates

The National Security and Opportunity Fund today criticized Professor Sandy Pensler for cheating Michigan voters by refusing to engage in a primary debate with his opponent.


Anthony Fracchia, chairman of the National Security and Opportunity Fund issued the following statement:


“Professor Pensler lectured in the liberal Ivy League classroom and attacked President Trump behind his back, but now Professor Pensler is refusing to defend his views in a debate. Leaders don’t duck debates, they stand up and advocate for their values.


“NSOF believes we need more strong leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to their country and community, and those who seek to serve shouldn’t cower and duck debates. If a candidate for office is afraid to debate their opponent then they have no business representing our state or nation.”


Earlier this year, the Daily Caller reported about a video of Sandy Pensler, a former professor at Yale and Harvard, attacking President Trump’s intelligence, describing Trump as speaking like a “4th grader.” In another attack on Trump, when asked if Trump hurt or helped Republican candidates, Pensler immediately responded, “hurt.” Pensler is also facing a Federal Election Commission investigation after his campaign was caught having a non-federal campaign illegally circulate petitions for it.


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