Professor Pensler Refuses to Defend Liberal Record – National Security and Opportunity Fund


Professor Pensler Refuses to Defend Liberal Record

Today the National Security and Opportunity Fund criticized Professor Sandy Pensler for refusing to debate and defend his radical record as a liberal college professor best known for insulting President Trump.


Matt Frendewey, executive director of the National Security and Opportunity Fund said:


“Professor Pensler has no problem preaching his liberal dogma on leftist Ivy League campuses, but refuses to defend his record as a candidate for U.S. Senate. Voters should be weary of anyone who’s afraid to debate and defend their record.


“What do we know about Sandy Pensler? He’s insulted President Trump’s intelligence, served as a liberal college professor, and is a failed pro-choice politician.


“Michigan deserves a conservative U.S. Senator with military and business experience, who will be fearless and always put Michigan families first. That candidate is not Sandy Pensler, who’s afraid of debates and defending his own record.”


Since Professor Pensler refuses to debate and defend his liberal positions, NSOF is encouraging voters to call Professor Pensler 248-838-3070 and ask him why he insulted President Trump and demand that he debate John James and defend his failed liberal record.


Earlier this year, the Daily Caller reported about a video of Sandy Pensler, a former professor at Yale and Harvard, attacking President Trump’s intelligence, describing Trump as speaking like a “4th grader.” In another attack on Trump, when asked if Trump hurt or helped Republican candidates, Pensler immediately responded, “hurt.” Pensler is also facing a Federal Election Commission investigation after his campaign was caught having a non-federal campaign illegally circulate petitions for it.



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