Kennedy’s Retirement Raises Stakes in Michigan Senate Race – National Security and Opportunity Fund


Kennedy’s Retirement Raises Stakes in Michigan Senate Race

National Security and Opportunity Fund

Kennedy’s Retirement Raises Stakes in Michigan Senate Race

Prof. Pensler’s Stance on SCOTUS: “I would not … use a litmus test of any one issue for Supreme Court judge”

Today, Anthony Kennedy, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States announced his retirement. Kennedy’s retirement and the pending confirmation of a new United States Supreme Court Justice immediately raises the stakes in Michigan’s U.S. Seante race.

The National Security and Opportunity Fund issued a statement questioning Prof. Pensler’s convictions after he refused to list any litmus tests or qualifications he would apply when considering to vote in favor or against Supreme Court nominee.

Matt Frendewey, executive director of NSOF issued the following statement: “One of the most important roles of a United States Senator is their vote on a United State Supreme Court Justice, and Prof. Pensler has proven himself untrustworthy.

“When asked for his views on what qualifications a Supreme Court Justice should hold, Prof. Pensler refused to answer. Prof. Pensler’s liberal record should cause voters to seriously question his convictions. Before running for office, Prof. Pensler was pro-choice and supported socialized medicine. Since running for the United States Senate, Prof. Pensler has attacked Pres. Trump and told reporters that Trump ‘hurts’ the ticket. This is not a candidate with the leadership abilities and strong convictions, and Prof. Pensler’s progressive values mirror those of current U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow.

“Michigan can and must due better than re-electing Sen. Stabenow or electing Prof. Pensler, especially when the nomination of an United States Supreme Court Justice hangs in the balance.”


Earlier this year, the Daily Caller reported about a video of Sandy Pensler, a former professor at Yale and Harvard, attacking President Trump’s intelligence, describing Trump as speaking like a “4th grader.” In another attack on Trump, when asked if Trump hurt or helped Republican candidates, Pensler immediately responded, “hurt.” Pensler is also facing a Federal Election Commission investigation after his campaign was caught having a non-federal campaign illegally circulate petitions for it.


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