NSOFund disappointed in Senator Stabenow failure to pass Farm Bill before the expiration – National Security and Opportunity Fund


NSOFund disappointed in Senator Stabenow failure to pass Farm Bill before the expiration

Stabenow’s lack of leadership on key legislation will hurt Michigan economy


The National Security and Opportunity Fund, a 501c4 nonprofit organization focused on promoting strong leadership in Michigan, released the following statement in regards to Congress’ and Senator Debbie Stabenow’s failure to pass a Farm Bill before its expiration:


“Congress and Senator Debbie Stabenow have failed the people of Michigan and our state’s economy by refusing to pass the Farm Bill before it expired on Sunday, September 30, 2018. The National Security and Opportunity Fund is extremely disappointed in Sen. Stabenow, Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, and lead negotiator for the Farm Bill, for her inability to find a compromise that would have protected Michigan working families, farmers, and the state’s vital agricultural industry.


Michigan’s food & agriculture industry contributes over $101.2 billion to our state’s economy and accounts for about 22% of the state’s employment. 


Even after 43 years in politics, three terms in the Senate, and serving as Ranking Member on the Agriculture committee, Stabenow has been unsuccessful in passing this important policy issue.


Voters across the state should call Sen. Stabenow, who has been heavily criticized by her Senate colleagues for her ineffectiveness to reach a bipartisan compromise, and express their severe frustration on this lack of congressional action that puts at risk vital programs that Michiganders all across the state depend on, including SNAP and agriculture programs. “



The National Security and Opportunity Fund is a 501c4 organization dedicated to educating the public on the need for leadership with the experience necessary to understand the serious threats facing the nation, combined with a record of creating jobs and understanding the needs and concerns of hard working taxpayers.