NSO Fund Raises Concerns on Sen. Stabenow’s Weak Record on National Security and Military – National Security and Opportunity Fund


NSO Fund Raises Concerns on Sen. Stabenow’s Weak Record on National Security and Military

From Voting For The Bad Iran Deal To Refusing To Fund Our Troops Or Supporting Bringing Guantanamo Detainees to Michigan, Stabenow Has A Dangerous Approach to National Security


Today, The National Security and Opportunity Fund, a 501c4 nonprofit organization focused on promoting strong leadership in Michigan, expressed their serious concerns over Senator Debbie Stabenow’s weak and dangerous record on national security and our military.


“During her long political history Senator Stabenow has consistently voted to make Michigan and America less safe –refusing to designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, supporting the disastrous Iran Nuclear Agreement, voting to weaken America’s defense program and failing to support our military and veterans,” said Bettina Inclán-Agen, Executive Director of the National Security and Opportunity Fund. “Stabenow’s horrendous record on national security is truly alarming. She supported the dangerous idea of moving hundreds of Taliban and Al-Qaeda fighters detained in Guantanamo to Michigan, meanwhile she also voted against funding for American troops.”

Senator Stabenow’s congressional record shows she has voted against funding American troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, in addition to rejecting defense health programs, snubbing pay raises for our military and supporting sequestration, which resulted in reductions in Michigan’s military base operations and training, economic loss, and military-related job losses.


During a recent veteran’s roundtable in Swartz Creek this past August, Stabenow admitted that veteran’s issues were not on her “radar screen” and she “had not been focused on” these issues.


“Sen. Stabenow has failed Michigan, failed our military and failed to protect our national security and her problematic 20-year record in Washington D.C. illustrates an unwillingness to make the safety of Americans a top priority,” said Inclán-Agen.


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